JSM Landscape Photography

Having qualified in colour, fashion and glamour photography, it soon became apparent Landscape photography was a real passion of mine. That lead to discovering the striking art of Infrared photography, I now split my time between the three genres full colour, black and white and Infrared.

Infrared photography captures the magical dreamlike light around us our eyes cannot see, with specially adapted cameras which filter out the normal visible light allowing the camera to capture this invisible spectrum of light with astonishing results.

I am based in Kent but my camera is never far from my side. Here are a few of the Colour and Infrared pictures available to buy. If you have specific needs email me with your requirements. Images can be supplied in a variety of finishes and sizes.


An inland shot of the quaint and tranquil dock of Portpatrick in Scotland.


Portpatrick again but from the quayside looking out to see.


A riverside shot of the River Medway highlighting the beauty of Infrared Photography.

The dramatic skies and an almost desolate area of the Kent countryside lends itself to a striking image of beauty.  


Back to Scotland again and another gorgeous seaside town captured in full colour.


Our last image of Scotland shows just one of the gorgeous empty sandy beaches near Stranraer.


The River Medway and an abandoned and derelict boat poses for a interesting image.

One of the many country park scattered around Kent in Infrared, with the white leaves, dark water and dramatic skies synonymous with Infrared photography.


At www.jsmstudio.co.uk we can boast over 20 years experience in portrait photography covering Kent, Medway, Chatham, Strood, Rochester, Rainham, Higham, Sittingbourne and further a field for all your photography needs.

Having gained qualifications in fashion and glamour photography diversified into Landscape photography we offer both Landscape photos, commissions and specialise in Infrared Photography as well as Onlyfans photo shoots, model portfolios and boudoir shoots in the safety and comfort of your own home.